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The Amazing Therapeutic Effectiveness of GLA that Naturally Boosts Your Health!

Blackcurrant GLA with ALA & SDA is clinically effective for the relief of allergy symptoms including atopic dermatitis and hay fever. GLA achieves this by reducing the 'bad' prostaglandin E2 and/or Cytokines and inceasing prostaglandin E1 &E3 that are ameliorating heart problems and suppressing inflammation and allergies!
Additionally Blackcurrant GLA helps stabilize mental stress AND may help prevent infectious disease! 

Health Benefits Scientifically Validated

Supplementation with blackcurrant seed oil containing the powerful combination of GLA, ALA and SDA is important to satisfy many different health demands of the body, including:

What do the Experts Say?

Blackcurrant Seed Oil is the only natural oil source containing all three high health Omega Fatty Acids GLA, ALA and SDA! Collectively, these high health oils have been hailed around the world by medical professionals for their effectiveness helping human health. In particular, GLA (Gamma-Linolenic-Acid) has demonstrated powerful health benefits through  many laboratory and clinical based studies. Continue reading below to learn what many industry leaders are saying about this amazing product.

The American Cancer Society

This prestigious institution specifically identifies GLA for its potential to promote good health. In particular, they point to laboratory studies demonstrating GLA's ability to slow down cancer cell growth!

Dr. Oz - TV Personality and Medical Professional

Blackcurrant Seed Oil has featured on the Dr. Oz show on multiple occasions. He recommends this high health ingredient for improving hair condition (improving split ends and thickness). He has also named blackcurrant seed oil as one of his 'Best Fat Blasting Supplement'!!

 Dr. Andrew Weil - Celebrated Natural Nutritionist

Dr. Weil has recommended supplemental GLA for many years. In addition to the Hair and fat burning benefits explained by Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil recommends Blackcurrant Seed Oil for helping with immunity, skin problems, nail problems, PMS and inflammatory disorders.

(NIH) The National Institute of Health

"According to both primary and secondary prevention studies, consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, fish, and fish oil reduces all-cause mortality and various Cardio Vascular Disease outcomes such as sudden death, cardiac death, and myocardial infarction"

"Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce joint tenderness and need for corticosteroid drugs in rheumatoid arthritis." 

The ArthritisFoundation

"Several studies show GLA is an effective treatment for reducing inflammation in RA with few side effects."