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Dealing with a Stressful Day
Take While Having a Stressful Day


Get Your Natural Energy Boost!

Vision and sports Sparkle includes an active dose of Co-Enzyme Q10. This amazing clinical compound is used by the mitochondira (power factories) in every cell in our body to produce energy! Incredible recent research suggests that taking Co-Q10 as a supplement helps boost energy and power!

Researchers find anti-fatigue effects from Co-Q10!!

Researchers at Upsalla University in Sweden found giving mice CoQ10 had an anti-fatigue effect! In the study researchers measured the amount of time the mice could swim until they became exhausted, results showed that the mice receiving the coQ10 treatment could swim for significantly longer!

Re-Focus Your Mind!

The Active CoQ10 and Blackcurrant Anthovyanins in Vision and Sports Sparkle help you keep focus and attention on the taks at hand. It's especially usfull when you are feeling stressed or are having to concentrate hard. Perfect for those late nights projects!

Researchers find Blackcurrant Anthcyanins Improve focus and attention while reducing mistakes!

Scientists at the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research examined the effect of Blackcurrant Anthocyanins when subjects undergo difficult and stressful mental challenges. They found that, within 90 minutes of recieving the anthocyanins, subjects had already imporved alertness and reduced mental fatigue! Try Vision and Sprts Sparkle today and test the effects for yourself!

Refresh Your Tired Eyes!

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins are world renowed for thier incredible vision health effects. Not only do they provide long term eye protection aginst damage, but they also provide immediate relief to tired and hazy eyes and the tightness you feel around you shoulders and neck when your working hard. This makes Vision and Sports Sparkle perfect for theose long days and nights working at the computer!

Researchers find anti-fatigue effects from Co-Q10!!

Japanese Researchers at Meiji University tested how blackcurrants anthocyanins could help 21 healthy volunteers  who spent long hours working at a PC. Thier clinical results showed blackcurrant helped not only refresh thier eyes, but all five areas of fatigue inlcuding neck, shoulder and back pain!