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Pure Ocean Cali-Mag with Vitamin D3:
Not Your Average Calcium Supplement

Vision Smart Center brings you the latest advanced supplement formulation, Pure Ocean Cali-Mag with Vitamin D3. Each tablet provides the essential elements that help develop stronger bones, preserve bone integrity and provide health support throughout at all stages of life. This amazing product has been specially designed to give you active control over your bone health management no matter what your unique lifestyle needs are.

Cali-Mag: Helping You Live Every Day To The Fullest!


Each tablet of this innovative supplement delivers a synergistic blend of  bio-active (highly absorbable) Calcium-425mg, Magnesium-180mg, Vitamin D3-600IU  plus active doses of  Zinc, Copper and over 70 other essential trace minerals! Collectively, these compounds are critical to the body's function and bone health  taking part in thousands of key processes everyday!

A Comprehensive Formulation with the Essential Elements for Bone Health
designed to Actually INCREASE your bone density!


The Importance of Calcium

Most calcium is stored in bones and teeth where it helps support structure and hardness. Calcium also has important roles in many other functions throughout the body including: Brain signaling to the body, helping to move blood around the body and, muscle activation and movement.
Without enough dietary calcium to support these functions the body resorts to its calcium stores (in the bones). Over time, prolonged calcium deficiency results in loss of bone mass. This heightens the chance for bone fractures, developing osteoporosis and can cause the spine to collapse (resulting in a hunch and loss of height).

Lack of Dietary Calcium Can Lead to Osteoporosis Later in Life

Invest in Your Body by Saving Calcium!

Consuming enough calcium is extremely important throughout all stages of life. Because the body supplements itself with the calcium needed for its many functions by taking it directly from bone, there are no short term symptoms for dietary  deficiency. This makes it difficult tell if someone is lacking calcium in their diet. By the time it becomes apparent, i.e. a bone un-expectantly breaks due to low bone mass or osteoporosis, it can already be too late!

Too little Calcium as we grow means we have lower reserves during old age while too little later in life means there are not enough reserves to draw on leading to weak bones and Osteoperosis

Taking  adequate amounts of calcium, at all stage of life, ensures the body deposits enough calcium in bones to maintain strength throughout life and, makes sure the body doesn't need to draw on these stores later in life. Supplementation is a great way to ensure there is enough calcium in the diet (if the correct supplements are used!).

Some Calcium Quick Facts from the Surgeon General

The Unknown Dangers of  Most Calcium Supplements!!

One of the most shocking facts about regular Calcium supplements is how little of them are actually absorbed and used by the body for regular functioning and bone health. It's estimated that as little as 1% of a regular calcium supplement can be incorporated into the body! In fact, taking high amounts of poorly absorbed calcium can actually have serious negative side effects, putting strain on gut and kidneys, or potentially leading to calcification of arteries! (accumulation of calcium causing hardening (atherosclerosis) of arteries - a leading cause of heart disease in America)


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