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Your Second Brain Revealed!

How CanYour Gut Health Affect Your Brain Health???

Your Gut Acts Like a 2nd Brain in Your Body!

Incredible research has revealed the gut can play an important role in regulating mood, energy and cognition plus brain health, activity and even development!!

Continue reading to learn how improving your '2nd brain' in the gut (with pre-biotics like Vision Smart Supreme) can actually imporve the health of the brain in your head!!


Your Gut Health affects Your Brain Activity!!!

Recent clinical research, from medical scientists at UCLA, showed how changing the bacteria living in the gut (through supplements/diet), can help brain activity in people!

In this study 36 healthy women were given one of three treatments for 4 weeks:

  1. Yogurt with pro-biotic 'good' bacteria
  2. Yogurt without 'good' bacteria
  3. No Yogurt
After treatment, participants carried out tasks designed to stimulate different parts of the brain. Scan imaging of the brain before and after this test was compared between the different treatment groups.
Researchers found patients receiving the pro-biotic had improved 'good' bacteria in their gut plus, had modified activity at a number of areas in the brain associated with improved cognition, mood (such as anxiety) and even pain sensitivity!

Boost your brain health by boosting the health of your 2nd brain!!

This exciting research shows how important the bacteria naturally living in your gut can be!

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