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Childrens Growth Hormone

Kids Vision Smart Naturally Enhances the Production of Children's Growth Hormone!

The ingredients in Kids Vision Smart have been carefully selected to synergistically enhance the natural production of children's growth hormone in a number of ways.


Synergy refers to the way each ingredient's effect is actually stronger with the other ingredients than it would be alone. The overall effect of this makes Kids Vision Smart unmatched in its ability to enhance natural children's growth hormone production!!

The combination of ingredients in Kids Vision Smart have been specifically selected to work synergistically, boosting the natural production of Children's Growth Hormone.


Kids Vision Smart achieves this synergy in three distinct ways:

1.       Providing some of the essential nutrition kids need to function at 100%
2.       Fighting the 6 major health concerns for parents keeping kids fit and healthy
3.       Working with a balanced diet for maximum nutrition utilization

Kids Vision Smart Synergistically Works to Help Maximize the Natural Production
of Growth Hormone in Children

1. Kids Vision Smart Provides The Essential Nutrition Needed for Children to Operate at 100%

The several vitamins and zinc included in Kids Vision Smart all play specific roles in the regular functioning of growing body's. Many and these nutrients are termed 'Essential' nutrients, this means they are critical for the body's normal function BUT, are not produced by the body and must be obtained through the diet. Kids Vision Smart helps ensure children meet the daily requirements for these nutrients and can therefore help children grow and live at best as they possibly can.

There are many essential vitamins and minerals children's body's need to grow and function as best as possible. Kids Vision Smart helps ensure young bodies meet their needs each day!

2. Kids Vision Smart Fights the 6 Major Health Concerns Parents Have for Their Kids.

There are additional benefits to keeping children healthy and preventing the 6 major health concerns parents have for their kids and enhancing the natural production of children's growth hormone is one of the most important!

By keeping children fit and healthy, parents are not only helping to ensure their children's bodies are functioning properly at this important stage of life, but they are also helping to ensure they are developing properly. First of all, by staying healthy children's bodies are able to function at 100% for maximum growth and development. Secondly, many of the specific health concerns can directly affect the efficiency of growth hormone production and signaling.

For example, by avoiding illness during winter or in response to allergies, medicines are not needed which can directly interrupt the normal activity of children's growth hormone. Similarly, by helping regulate normal blood sugar levels, children can avoid high blood sugar which can directly interrupt normal growth hormone activity.  As a third and potentially the most important example, Kids Vision Smart indirectly helps children sleep (through helping maintain healthy weight and normal brain activity plus preventing illness and allergies). Sleep is the critical time where Children's growth hormone is activated and is essential for normal growth and development!

Keeping Young Bodies Healthy and Avoiding the Use of Medications Helps Maintain the Natural Production of Children's Growth Hormone

3. Kids Vision Smart Works with a balanced diet for maximum nutrition

Kids Vision Smart not only keeps children healthy and provides some of the essential nutrition kids need, but also assists young bodies with physiological factors that help ensure their bodies work at 100%.

First of all, the quality phyto-nutrients in Kids Vision Smart (Blackcurrant anthocyanins and Astaxanthin) assist the body in absorbing the essential nutrients needed for Children's Growth Hormone production (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat).

Related to this is the ability of Kids Vision Smart to improve blood circulation throughout the body (Blackcurrant anthocyanins, Astaxanthin, Co Enzyme Q10 and Vitamin E). This means the nutrition the body needs is efficiently delivered effectively to where it is needed! (including the brain, eyes and other cells throughout the body)

Similarly, the powerful antioxidant activity of Kids Vision Smart synergistically help protect the blood vessels used for nutrient delivery by preventing damage from dangerous free radicals. This protection is synergistic because many of the ingredients in Kids Vision Smart 'specialize' at protecting certain parts of the cell or at fighting specific free radical types. Protecting the cells and specifically the blood vessels Kids Vision Smart helps ensure nutrition gets to where is needed. For example: the formation of epiphyseal cartilage critical for bone development and children's height, requires nutrition fed by hundreds of small blood vessels. Without proper protection from Free Radicals by antioxidants, these blood vessels can be damaged and nutrition needed for proper epiphyseal cartilage may be interrupted.

Some of the Synergistic Free Radical Fighting Abilities of Kids Vision Smart

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