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Health Ingredient Japan 2016 – Tokyo

Paving the Way for the Launch of New Sport Functional Food TOKYO, Oct. 05-07, 2016 – Vision Smart Center has very successfully exhibited our innovative, delicious and powerful functional foods at Health Ingredients Japan 2016, Asia’s largest trade show of functional food and health ingredients, held in Tokyo. This year in 2016, the focus of

Winter Wellness

Fight Cold, Flu and Asthma this Winter!!! Plus Feel Healthier with Vision Smart Supreme The Premiere Vision Supplement That Also Helps You Look and Feel More Youthful and Healthy: Vision Smart Supreme Vision Smart Supreme is a premiere health supplement that supports healthy eye condition and visual acuity. This innovative product is formulated to contain 220mg blackcurrant anthocyanins (the

Why Do Chinese Astronauts Eat Black Foods – Blackcurrants – in space?

A Chinese spacecraft blasted into space Saturday, June 16 2012, at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the western part of the Province of Gansu. The spacecraft carries a crew of three astronauts, including China’s first female in space, Liu Yang. The main spacecraft is set to dock with another spacecraft, which is in orbit


SPOTLIGHT ON AMAZING POWER OF BLACKCURRANT ANTI-OXIDANT: ELIMINATING FREE RADICALS AND PROTECTING AGAINST THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCES An Exciting News from Sankei News, Japan’s leading newspaper with daily circulation of 2,200,000!!!!   Below is the original article (with the exception of headings) translated into English   SANKEI NEWS STATES BLACKCURRANTS MAY COMBAT RADIATION

Fight Cold, Flu and Asthma This Winter

Plus Feel and Look Healthier and Younger Nobody likes being sick, especially during the holiday season meant to be spent with family and friends. Unfortunately, catching the cold or flu is sometimes unavoidable. With the seasons quickly changing and temperature outside plummeting, it can be difficult to stay at 100% and fully enjoy the winter months.