How to prevent aging due to “Ghost Blood Vessels” increasing from the age of 40?

How to prevent aging due to “Ghost Blood Vessels” increasing from the age of 40?

  • Human Capillary Vessels go around two times and half of the Earth!

Capillary vesselsin our body running around 100,000 kilometers (70,000 miles) will deteriorate with aging and cause many kinds of disorders and diseases in the body by losing capillary vessels so called “GHOST BLOOD VESSELS”.

  • Start the sharp decline of the health and Beauty Life by producing “Ghost Blood Vessels” from the age 40!

Capillary vessels that are stretched throughout the body have an important role to maintain good life activities in health and beauty, but unfortunately healthy capillary vessels begin to decline sharply from the age 40, and in the age 60 they will decrease by 40%.

  • Ghost Blood Vessels start causing various bad life styles diseases from the Middle Ages!

When the capillary deterioration advances, it will become a “Ghost Blood Vessel” where there is a duct remain but blood does not flow. Then, oxygen and nutrients do not go to the corners of the whole body, further accumulated waste products are not collected or taken out of the body, so various bad conditions are brought to the body. It also accelerate aging process that can cause lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, eye disease, heart disease, and cancer.

  • Stop losing Capillary Vessels by incorporating “EXCERCISE’, “REST” and “HEALING NUTRIENT-BLACKCURRANT ANTHOCYANINS” into a daily habit.

It is possible to stop or reduce the decrease of healthy capillary blood vessels with a daily minor habit of “EXCERCISE” “REST” and “HEALING NUTRIENTS”.   In addition the daily intake of potent healing nutrients-Blackcurrant Anthocyanins(100 to 200mg)inducing strong antioxidant power makes it possible to re-capture ghosted capillary. It helps to repair the endothelium of the blood vessels and support to activate the capillary cells to prevent silent aging process.

  • Vessel Rejuvenating Hormone with “HEALING NUTRIENT”  

In order to keep the blood vessel strong, it is important to correctly secrete the blood vessel rejuvenating hormone which controls secretion in the brain. It is desirable to take “HEALING NUTRIENTS –BLACKCURRANT ANTHOCYANINS” to stimulate the secretion of natural hormones while trying to relax with light exercise.  These daily habits will definitely support to regain more energy, body organ rejuvenation, stronger immune power by decreasing the production of Ghost Blood Vessels.

  • Intake of blackcurrant anthocyanin with increased capillaries

Several studies indicate that blackcurrant anthocyanins (D3R/C and C3R/C) with high physiologically active capacity which is scientifically shown to effectively support to increase capillary vessels and enhance the endothelial activity of blood vessels.

  • Incorporating Vision Smart Supreme into Daily diet from the Middle Ages to prevent Silent but Abrupt Aging Process!!

The powerful anthocyanin with the Vitamin A, B6, B9 and B12 nutrients contained in Vision Smart Supreme help to promote NO production, and transfer oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream to the terminal capillary cells and strengthen the capillary vessels.

By taking two capsules daily you can take 210 mg of unique and potent blackcurrant anthocyanin which don’t exist any supplements as well as any plants, vegetables and fruits currently marketed in the world food and supplement markets.