[SOLD OUT] Eye Sparkle 24 Bottle Set
[SOLD OUT] Eye Sparkle 24 Bottle Set [SOLD OUT] Eye Sparkle 24 Bottle Set [SOLD OUT] Eye Sparkle 24 Bottle Set

[SOLD OUT] Eye Sparkle 24 Bottle Set

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This deep purple beverage is a delicious black currant drink that will provide you with the necessary nutrients for optimal health.   It contains a strong dosage of anthocyanins naturally extracted from New Zealand black currants that helps to inhibit melanin deposits in the body, promote blood vessel health and promote overall vision health.

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Heatlh Benefits
Supplement Facts

The World’s Most Nutritious Berry from New Zealand!

Delicious Eye Sparkle Drink(ready to drink)

The most significant nutrients of blackcurrant berry are vitamin C and unique polyphenols-Anthocyanins.  In fact, blackcurrants carry four times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, and double the amounts of antioxidants as blueberries. The benefits of vitamin C and polyphenols are quite lots. The body uses vitamin C to metabolize protein and form collagen, and polyphenols for increasing blood flows and immune activities, which are essential for eye & brain health, anti-inflammatory, skin care and anti-aging

Eye Sparkle is Ideal...

1. After sports or exercise to help recovery and Energy
2. For quenching thirst on a hot day
3. After a nice shower or in bed while reading a book
4. For special events and parties to mix with cocktails
5. After meals to aid digestion

The Delicious and powerful Ingredients of
Eye Sparkle DrinkTM

1. Antho Tex 35 TM - Premium Active Ingredients

The Premium Ingredients and High Innovative technology developed by Vision Smart Center. 

  • The most powerful antioxidant ingredient, AnthoTex35™,contained in Vision Smart Supreme is extracted and manufactured from blackcurrant berries organically grown without using any pesticide in New Zealand.
  • The extraction ratio is 1 (extract powder) to 140 (blackcurrant fruits).
  • This highly potent Cassis Anthocyanins AnthoTex35™ is purely and safely manufactured through non-solvent and excipient used with state of the art extraction technology.

The Superior Features of AnthoTex35

1.       Pure Cassis Anthocyanins extracted from 'Ben Ard' Blackcurrant organically grown in New Zealand.

2.       Safely extracted Anthocyanins powder being standized with non-solvent used does not include any other artificial materials.

3.       Highest ORAC value among berries and fruit extracts (ORAC FN of 4,100,000!!).

4.       1 gram of AnthoTex35™ is equivalent to consuming up to 540 Blackcurrants or 1080 Blueberries!

5.       Bio-available for 6 - 8 hours following supplementation.

6.       Unique health benefits supported by clinical data.

7.       Kosher and Halal Certified.


Blackcurrant CONCENTRATE juice contains an ORAC value up to 50,467.8 umoleTE/100g. Its deep magenta color is due to the high concentration of naturally occurring anthocyanins like the anthocyanins found in all New Zealand Blackcurrant products, This juice anthocyanin content can help prevent oxidative stress and premature aging, improve eye and brain health and slow neurodegenerative diseases. Ongoing research is also discovering the prebiotic properties of blackcurrant berries for overall digestive health improvements, which may offer benefits from this specific  Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate used in Eye Sparkle an improved dark adaptation threshold and relief from eye diseases including myopia, glaucoma and rhodopsin.

3. Bio-Active Coenzyme Q10: Natures Amazing Power Factory!  

Vision and Sport Sparkle contains Micro Active CoQ10, a proprietary form of CoQ10 with improved bio-availability and effectiveness! 

CoQ10 is a critical enzyme linked with generating cellular energy. Unfortunately, our bodies produce less CoQ10 as we age. Many doctors and health professionals therefore recommend CoQ10 for heart health and energy support. 

Amazing Benefits of Eye SparkleTM

What does Vision Smart Center do to ensure the quality of VSC products?

1. Premium Quality of Raw Materials (Purity, Safety and potency)

2. Scientifically Supported

3. Safely and Ethically Produced

4. VSC Product Guaranteed

  • Significant antioxidant power   
  • Anti-glycation ability
  • Relieve/prevent visual fatigue
  • Supports eye and vision health
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Support a good intestinal flora

Eye SparkleTM contains an active dose of blackcurrant polyphenols and anthocyanins so you can experience these effects for yourself!

Vision Smart Center uses the world's most reputable ingredients suppliers and GMP certified manufacturing facilities for all ingredients and VSC Products. Our Operation Team scientifically selects and uses only premium quality ingredients that go into VSC supplements. Those ingredients are strictly selected not from cost but only from purity, potency, scientific research data..

Vision Smart Center uses ingredients and dosages that accurately replicate the most successful results obtained in scientific studies for maximum efficacy. Our Research Team assesses quality published clinical research for each ingredient and their health benefits. Each ingredient is then carefully selected by formulation experts and research specialists for their synergistic effectiveness.

Vision Smart Center is in strict compliance with GMP standard for manufacturing, packaging and storage. Our Production Team has strict ethical guidelines: Ingredients and products must comply with environmental policies, be sustainably produced, environmentally friendly, and not to take advantage of any people.
Vision Smart Center strictly implement the additional third party testing to confirm and ensure that products meet VSC’s high standards for purity, safety and efficacy.