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[SOLD OUT] Kids Vision Smart

Supplement made from a blend of New Zealand black currant anthocyanins, polyphenols, purified astaxanthin, coenzyme q10 and nine other vitamins and zinc to support a child’s overall health, vision, increase immunity and support strong bone growth.  This product is developed using a unique low temperature processing to ensure the maximum retention of nutritional integrity.

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Heatlh Benefits
Supplement Facts

Six Major Health Concerns for Parents of Growing Children        

1. Irreversible Damage to Eye Development a Principle Cause of Myopia

The combination of eye fatigue and oxidative stress is considered by many specialists to be the main reason for increased rates of children developing myopia worldwide. In fact, a recent survey found that myopia rates in the US had grown in the last 30 years from 25% in to 42% . While another study found rates of myopia in Asian children can be as high as 90%!

Eye fatigue (or eye strain) is caused by intense use of the eyes; reading, writing or using digital devices (like TV, smart phones or video games) can lead to eye fatigue . Common symptoms are irritated, sore or inflamed eyes with difficulty focusing and is frequently accompanied by pain and stiffness through the neck, back, shoulders, head and arms.

Eyes suffering from eye fatigue are also at risk of oxidative damage from an accumulation of free radicals in the eye area. Free radicals oxidize (take electrons from) nearby cellular structures, disrupting their function and behavior. This can cause severe cell damage and long-term eye health problems.

2. Frequent Illness During Cold and Flu Season

Every day children are exposed to different germs and bugs that can make them sick or unwell. Its estimated that children catch 6-8 colds per year while adults only catch 2-4. Children are more susceptible to these conditions because they have not built up the same resistances as adults and they spend a lot of time with other children, who may be sick, during school.
Combining the figures for colds with a bout or two of the Flu per year and you see that children will often spend a lot of miserable with illness. This can also become expensive problem for parents who take time off work to care for their kids (especially if they do not receive paid leave)

3. Breathing Troubles with Asthma

Asthma is a common, but potentially dangerous, problem that affects breathing in many children. It is caused by over inflammation of airways in response to various stimuli such as pollution, tobacco smoke, dust and pets. This inflammation causes the airways to swell and narrow. Because it is possible for many things to irritate a child's airways, outside of using medicine, parents are limited in methods of asthma prevention.
According to the American Lung Association, asthma affects 7.1 million children under the age of 18 and is one of the most common chronic disorders in childhood. It is the third leading cause of hospitalization among children under the age of 15, with an estimated 4.1 million children suffering from an attack or episode in 2011.

4. Inattentive and Unfocussed Minds

With so many distraction available today (internet, social media, cartoons, cell phones and video games),  it's tough for kids to keep focused. In a recent survey of children's teachers, 87% said new technologies were creating "an easily distracted generation with short attention spans". While another study found the average attention span for people had dropped in the last 10 years from 12 minutes to just 5!  
Lack of  attention can make it difficult for kids to focus in the classroom and stick to the task at hand. Eventually, lack of focus may hurt children's grades and overall educational development.

5. Childhood Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

With the increasing trend towards consumption of highly processed 'convenience' foods and a decrease in physical activity, in favor of other activities like TV, the internet and computer games; obesity in young people is becoming a bigger concern. In fact, Obesity rates over the last 30 years in American children and adolescents have increased two and three fold respectively!
Obesity can have both immediate and long term effects on children's health and well-being. Immediate effects can include: a higher risk of developing diabetes, bone and joint problems, sleeping troubles and poor self esteem. Longer term, obese children are more likely to be obese in adulthood which puts them at risk of serious health issues such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

6. Poor Child Gut Health Affecting Future Quality of Life

'Healthy gut, healthy life' that is the theme that  many specialists are promoting these days. Children's gut health can influences their well-being in a number of ways including: weight management, heart health,  brain behavior and disease prevention. Unfortunately, factors such as food, stress, pollution, disease, medication, can negatively affect the gut lining integrity and the  100 trillion bacteria living there. This makes it hard for parents to be sure of their child's gut health.

The Powerful Ingredients of KIDS Vision Smart

1. New Zealand Blackcurrant Extracts

  • Relieve eye fatigue by improving blood flows.
  • Provides antioxidant activity to combat free radicals in the eye area.
  • Provide anti-microbial activity to help fight infectious bacteria and viruses.
  • Helps enhance the body's natural defenses by boosting the immune system.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties help reduce airway inflammation. Potentially reducing the severity and frequency of asthma attacks.
  • Demonstrated effects helping improve focus and cognitive function.
  • May provide assistance to children with learning difficulties.
  • Help fight harmful gut bacteria, promote the growth of 'good' gut bacteria.
  • May improve the gut barrier lining improving resistance to allergens and pathogens.

2. Astaxanthin

  • A super antioxidant also helps relive eye fatigue and neutralizes dangerous free radicals
  • Shown to improve blood circulation
  • May reduce LDL cholesterol levels (a risk factor fot Atherosclerosis)
  • Can help reduce the size of fat cells (helping prevent risk of cardiovascular disease)

3. Co-Enzyme Q10

  • Co-Enzyme Q10 is a key component in energy production in the body
  • May reduce levels of LDL cholesterol to prevent Atherosclerosis
  • Antioxidant activity helps protect mitochondira

4. Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin A -       

Required for proper functioning and development of human vision, the immune system, skin and general cellular activity. It also provides antioxidant strength to combat the effects of dangerous free radicals.

Vitamin C -       

Critical to the production of collagen, important for the bodies connective tissue and helping wounds heal. Vit C also helps the natural absorption of iron from plants, helps normal immune function and provides antioxidant protection against free radicals.

Vitamin D3 -       

Is important for helping bodies absorb calcium for bone development and health.

Vitamin E -       

Helps boostimmune defenses, widens blood vessals improving circulation and preventing blockages, helps the body's cells communicate with each other for important functions and has very strong anatioxidant capabilities.

Vitamin B6 -       

Is important for brain develoment during infantcy and play a role in regular immune function. It's also a key component within over 100 metabolic enzyme reactions.
Folate -        Is a B-vitamin important in the creation of DNA and other genetic material. Without Folate, the body's cells will not be able to divide properly (highlighting its importance during growth an development of chiildren)

Vitamin B12 -       

An important vitamin in maintaing nerve and blood cell health. It also plays a role in DNA synthesis for the body's cells.

Biotin -      

Is a B-vitamin (B7) that helps with energy production and maintaining blood sugar levels. It is important component of key enzymes responsible for breaking down fats, carbohydrates and other substances.

Pantothenic Acid -       

Is a B-vitamin (B5) that helps with correct digestion. It also plays a critical role in the manufacture of red blood cells and, it helps the body correctly utilize other vitamins.

Zinc -       

A critical component in most cells throughout the body, zinc contributes to correct protein and DNA synthesis (critical in correct growth and development). In addition, zinc helps the immune system fight disease and can promote correct healing in wounds.

What Does Vision Smart Center Do to Ensure the Quality of KIDS VisionSmart?

 Freshness, Purity and Safety Guaranteed - Each Sachet Meets Label Specifications Conveniently Packaged in Boxes of 30

Each 10g sachet provides a daily dosage of delicious, safe and active ingredients that help support the growth and development of children from as young as 4 through to teenagers.

Zero Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Unlike many other children's snacks and supplements, this tasty treat contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The unique and natural flavor of KIDS VisionSmart™ that kids love, comes from the premium quality Blackcurrants, exclusively sourced from the pristine New Zealand environment.

Free from Harmful Contaminants and many Allergens

Advanced pesticide-free cultivation techniques in addition to the clean air, fertile land and fresh water found in New Zealand; make New Zealand blackcurrants used in KIDS VisionSmart™ unmatched in terms of quality, health content, safety and flavor. Careful growing procedures and quality control measures ensure KIDS VisionSmart™  has no contamination from heavy metals, pesticides or pollutants. KIDS VisionSmart™ is also free from the common allergens: yeast, milk wheat and gluten.

100% Safety Guaranteed Using only Pure and Highly Active Ingredients with State of the Art Production Facilities

Each ingredient in KIDS VisionSmart™ has been critically reviewed to determine its safety and optimal dosage. All ingredients in KIDS VisionSmart™ have been sourced exclusively from top quality companies that provide only the best quality, pure materials without contamination from pollutants or heavy metals. With the exception of trace levels of soy, there are no detectable allergens in KIDS VisionSmart™.
Finally, formulation and production of KIDS VisionSmart™ only takes place in GMP approved facilities that can meet the highest international standards for safe product production.

Vision Smart Center Delivers Excellence in Safety and Effectiveness Using the Latest Cutting Edge Scientific Technologies  

Vision Smart Center is committed to producing high quality, innovative and active food supplements to help keep families healthy. Maintaining product safety is fundamental to this vision and the upmost priority.
With these core values in mind, a comprehensive approach to the production of KIDS VisionSmart™ involving careful selection of suppliers, dosages, new technologies and manufacturing facilities, assures parents this product is safe for their kids.

The Three Main Reasons People Choose KIDS Vision Smart

1. Highest quality ingredients

Just the Berries, one of the world’s most acclaimed blackcurrant specialists, carefully obtains the natural high levels of anthocyanins from premium New Zealand blackcurrants using a proprietary, solvent free extraction processes. Blackcurrant seed oil is extracted sing a super critical C02 extraction method that preserves the natural health properties of GLA. These are then combined with other high health ingredients, obtained from top quality providers, to create KIDS VisionSmart.

2. Exclusive Formula

KIDS VisionSmart is manufactured, with proprietary Just the Berries solvent free extraction methods, using GMP  approved facilities that meet the strictest international regulatory standards. This helps ensure highest possible product quality and safety.

3. Commitment to Excellence

Vision Smart Center and Just the Berries PD are committed to producing high quality, innovative, safe  and active food supplements to help keep families healthy. To achieve these goals, they take a comprehensive approach to product production involving careful selection of suppliers, dosages, new technologies and manufacturing facilities. They have been creating and selling blackcurrant based health supplements for over 8 years and currently enjoy a global reputation based on excellence.


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  • Good Taste!
    I bought it for my kids and I sometimes had it as well since it tastes great...Different from other pills/capsule supplements, it tastes like a blackcurrant jelly! I don\'t have to force my kids to get enough supplements any more. My kids love it and so do I!!!
  • My Kids love it !
    Jay R
    My 2 kids love the taste. I have never seen Jelly type supplement before. It\'s easy to carry and eat everywhere!
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Recommended use: Parents may give children one sachet per day as a dietary supplement or as recommended by a physician. Consult a physician before using this supplement if your child is taking blood thinning or anticipates surgery.