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Cali-Mag is the purest and most bio-available source of organic calcium grown in the pristine waters off the coast of Ireland. Cali-Mag is a synergistic formulation with Vitamin D3. Cali-Mag can suppress the release of PHT hormone believed to be responsible for causing calcium loss and osteoporosis.

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Pure Ocean Cali-Mag with Vitamin D3: Made with the Highest Quality, Safest and Most Effective Ingredients Available!!

The Purest and Most Bio-Available Source of Organic Calcium, Grown In The Pristine Ocean Waters Off The Coast of Ireland

Unlike most other Calcium supplements, containing the raw element as it's found in rock, the calcium in Cali-Mag is sustainably extracted from a rare red algae that grows off the pristine shores of Ireland: Lithothamnion Calcareum

The Active Ingredient in Cali-Mag Grows In The Pristine Ocean Waters Off the Coast Of Ireland


Reducing PTH Hormone Levels - Responsible for Releasing Calcium From Bone

Researchers at the University of Colorado have identified that calcium supplements sourced from the red algae Lithothamnion Calcareum (like Cali-Mag) can suppress the release of the PTH hormone! Elevated levels of this hormone later in life is believed to be responsible for causing calcium loss and osteoporosis (particularly during menopause). The researchers identified that the same calcium found in Cali-Mag reduced PTH levels by close to 25%!! 

Naturally Produced Calcium Suppresses the Release of PHT Hormones (A Key Component Involved in the Release of Calcium From Bones)

Active Doses of Medical Grade Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium is a key element involved in bone health, with over 60% of all Magnesium in the body being found in bones. This essential mineral contributes to bone strength, mineralization and, it plays a large role in correct calcium absorption by activating the compound directly involved in Calcium processing (Vitamin D3 - see below). Insufficient Magnesium can therefore result in low calcium absorption (meaning the body is not incorporating enough calcium into the body which may lead to osteoporosis and/or the toxic build up of unabsorbed calcium!) 

Magnesium also stimulates calcitonin, a hormone that helps preserve bone structure, draw calcium out of the blood and draw soft tissues back into the bones. This activity lowers risk for developing osteoporosis, heart disease, some types of arthritis and kidney stones. 

Cali-Mag is made with Magnesium Glycinate, a medical grade compound produced in the USA. Some of the Magnesisum in Cali-Mag is also plant based, having been accumulated by the algae Lithothamnion Calcareum.

Medical professionals recommend taking Magnesium with Calcium explaining that, without a careful balance of the two, excess unabsorbed calcium can lead to serious health complications!

"If we consume too much calcium without sufficient magnesium, not only will we create stress within the body but the excess calcium won't be utilized correctly and may become toxic"


Magnesium Supplements Increase Bone Strength

A study from Japanese researchers that involved rats suffering from weak bone health, compared the effects of low and high Magnesium supplementation on bone strength. They found rats receiving a higher dose of Magnesium had significantly stronger bones. In fact the energy needed to cause a break was higher than that needed even for rats with healthy bones!

Increased Levels of Magnesium Supplementation Improves Bone Strength to Normal Levels in Rats With Poor Bone Health

A Synergistic Formulation With Vitamin D3

Vitamin D plays an extremely important role in Calcium absorption and calcium storage in bones. Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body in response to sunlight exposure. Unfortunately, most people presently struggle to generate adequate Vitamin D levels from the sun and regular diet. Cali-Mag compliments the body's in take from the sun and diet, ensuring it gets the amounts required for regular function and bone health.


Synergistic Enhancement of Calcium Absorption and Bone Health with Vitamin D3

Cali-Mag has superior Bio-Availability

Made With Natural Sources

One benefit to using an natural organic source of Calcium is its superior bio-availability over other inorganic sources. Because it is collected and processed organically, the Calcium in Cali-Mag is chelated with (or bound to) natural compounds that are easily recognizable for the human body. This greatly assists the absorption rate during digestion and promotes accessibility for efficient use in bone health and regular body functioning.

Similarly, Magnesium Glycinate is a cheated compound that mimics the body's natural formation of Magnesium. This makes it easily and highly absorbable. Additionally, the structure of plant based calcium differs from its raw element equivalent. Because it is organically collected the calcium in Cali-Mag is very porous structure (unlike the very compact nature of raw Calcium), this effectively increases the surface area for Calcium in Cali-Mag making it easier for the body to digest.

Synergistically Formulated to Enhance Absorption

The unique combination of ingredients found in Cali-Mag were scientifically selected to maximize its absorption and effectiveness. This synergistic action helps ensure Vision Smart Center clients get the best value for money and strongest results from their bone health supplement.

1. Why Do We Need Calcium?

Calcium is the key mineral found in our bones and teeth, giving them their hardness. It is also involved in signaling from the brain to the body, muscle activation and helping blood move around the body.

2. What If We Don't Get Enough?

Without enough calcium the body instead removes some that is stored in the bones. Long term this causes a drop in 'Bone Mineral Density' (BMD) which increases the risk of fractures and osteoperosis plus, causes the spine to collapse (reducing height with age). During menopause, hormonal changes can also cause rapid loss of calcium from the bone in women.

Recently the US surgeon general released a report warning that most people do not get enough calcium. It is estimated that by 2020 over half of all Americans over 50 will suffer from weak bones!

3. What Is Cali-Mag with Vitamin D3?

Cali-Mag with vitamin D3 is an advanced formulation designed to preserve and strengthen bone density plus, synergistically enhance the effectiveness of other supplements taken with Cali-Mag!

4. High Quality and Highly Active Ingredients

The unique combination of Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 plus over 70 trace minerals, is the ideal formulation for preserving and strengthening bones. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for purity, safety and most importantly effectiveness. 

Plant based 'Naturally Chelated' Calcium Cali-Mag calcium is sustainably sourced from a rare red algae that grows off the pristine shores of Ireland: Lithothamnion Calcareum. Unlike most other calcium supplements that contain inorganic forms of calcium, Cali-Mag calcium has been naturally chelated (coupled with protein) by the alge, and is more porous in structure. This makes Cali-mag calcium far more easy to absorb and digest in the human body than regular calcium supplements.

Active Vitamin D3

The most important role of Vitamin D3 in the body is its role in adding calcium to bone. Taking this vitamin with calcium ensures the body efficiently incorporates calcium into the bone.

5. Other Health Benefits of Cali-Mag
Aside from helping improve bone health, the components of Cali-Mag also helps:
  • Muscle signaling (contracting and relaxing)
  • Digestive health
  • Nutrient absorption and utilization
  • Blood circulation
  • Brain health
  • Heart health
  • General cellular health and overall wellbeing of the body

Instruction For Use

For Adults, take 3 tablets/day with food.

What does Vision Smart Center do to ensure the quality of VSC products?

1. Premium Quality of Raw Materials (Purity, Safety and potency)

Vision Smart Center uses the world's most reputable ingredients suppliers and GMP certified manufacturing facilities for all ingredients and VSC Products. Our Operation Team scientifically selects and uses only premium quality ingredients that go into VSC supplements. Those ingredients are strictly selected not from cost but only from purity, potency, scientific research data..

2. Scientifically Supported

Vision Smart Center uses ingredients and dosages that accurately replicate the most successful results obtained in scientific studies for maximum efficacy. Our Research Team assesses quality published clinical research for each ingredient and their health benefits. Each ingredient is then carefully selected by formulation experts and research specialists for their synergistic effectiveness.

3. Safely and Ethically Produced

Vision Smart Center is in strict compliance with GMP standard for manufacturing, packaging and storage. Our Production Team has strict ethical guidelines: Ingredients and products must comply with environmental policies, be sustainably produced, environmentally friendly, and not to take advantage of any people.

4. VSC Product Guaranteed

Vision Smart Center strictly implement the additional third party testing to confirm and ensure that products meet VSC’s high standards for purity, safety and efficacy.

Recommended use: Take one tablet 2 to 3 times daily with meal and water or as directed by health care consultant.