비전스마트슈프림 비전스마트슈프림 비전스마트슈프림 비전스마트슈프림 비전스마트슈프림 비전스마트슈프림 비전스마트슈프림 비전스마트슈프림


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  • 수정체 (모양체) 근육 이완과 안압 · 시신경 방어
  • 안 질환에 대해지지하는 강력한 카 시스 Rutinoside 안 토시아닌
  • 건강한 안압 레벨과 개선된 눈의 혈류.
  • 눈의 모세혈관을 개선하고, 눈 근육에 영양과 산소 공급을 향상시키고 망막과 시신경에 대한 산소 공급을 개선 시킨다.
  • AMD, 녹내장, 망막증 등의 안 질환을 유발하는 자유라디칼을 중화시킴으로써 눈의 손상을 경 감시킨다.
  • 가장 강력한 항산화제이자 
  • 눈과 뇌, 장내 세균총과 항당뇨에 좋은 생리 활성이 탁월 
  • 1일 섭취량당 안토시아닌 함량이 210mg이며, 이 중 80%가 루티노사이드 안토시아닌 성분
  • 10년간 구매를 반복하는 고객의 비율이 매우 높음

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건간상의 효과
성분 정보

  • 녹내장, 백내장, 눈물흘림증, 안구건조증, 광선공포증, 비문증, 눈의 피로 …비전스마트슈프림은 지속적으로 눈 건강을 보호하고 싶으신 분, 혹은 녹내장, 황반변성, 눈의 피로, 안구건조증 등의 눈 질환을 갖고 계신 분을 위한 가장 이상적인 고품격 영양제입니다.

·       비전스마트슈프림, 이런 분께 추천합니다.

블랙커런트 안토시아닌이 눈 건강에 미치는 긍정적인 효과는 전세계 연구기관에서 실시한 수많은 과학적 연구결과가 뒷받침하고 있습니다. 비전스마트센터는 수년 간의 시험관실험, 생체실험, 임상연구에 근거하여, 블랙커런트 안토시아닌 210mg(비전스마트슈프림 2캡슐 함량)을 1일 적정섭취량으로 정했습니다.

블랙커런트 안토시아닌의 독특한 특징 중 하나는BBB(Blood Brain Barrier, 혈액뇌장벽)를 통과하는 능력입니다. 대부분의 건강성분 및 비타민은 이 BBB를 통과하지 못합니다. 즉, 과학적으로 뛰어난 항산화력이 증명된 블랙커런트 안토시아닌은 유해한 활성산소의 활동으로부터 뇌를 보호하는 역할을 합니다.

비 전스마트센터는 고객님들께 비전스마트센터 제품을 소개해드리는 점을 매우 기쁘게 생각합니다. 당사는 눈, 두뇌, 심혈관, 항염증, 여성 건강 등의 광범위하고 전반적인 건강 증진을 돕는 뉴트라수티컬 영양제부문에서 완벽한 제품라인을 갖추고 있습니다. 고객님들께서는 비전스마트 제품의 인상적이고 강력한 눈 건강 증진 효과에 크게 만족하시고 지지해주고 계십니다.  1일 섭취량에는 안토시아닌이 200mg 이상 함유되어 있으며, 고품격 고효능의 비전스마트슈프림을 통해 녹내장, 황반변성, 눈 피로 등의 다양한 눈 건강 증진 효과를 제공받으실 수 있습니다.
고객님들께서 보내주신 아래의 비전스마트 제품 리뷰를 참고하세요.

비전스마트슈프림 고객 리뷰

The Powerful Ingredients of Vision Smart Supreme®

1. AnthoTex35 - Premium Active Ingredients

The Premium Ingredients and High Innovative technology developed by Vision Smart Center. 

  • The most powerful antioxidant ingredient, AnthoTex35™,™ contained in Vision Smart Supreme is extracted and manufactured from blackcurrant berries organically grown without using any pesticide in New Zealand.
  • The extraction ratio is 1 (extract powder) to 140 (blackcurrant fruits).
  • This highly potent Cassis Anthocyanins AnthoTex35™ is purely and safely manufactured through non-solvent and excipient used with state of the art extraction technology.

The Superior Features of AnthoTex35™

  1. Pure Cassis Anthocyanins extracted from 'Ben Ard' Blackcurrant organically grown in New Zealand.
  2. Safely extracted Anthocyanins powder being standized with non-solvent used does not include any other artificial materials. 
  3. Highest ORAC value among berries and fruit extracts (ORAC FN of 4,100,000!!).
  4. 1 gram of AnthoTex35™ is equivalent to consuming up to 540 Blackcurrants or 1080 Blueberries!
  5. Bio-available for 6 - 8 hours following supplementation.
  6. Unique health benefits supported by clinical data.
  7. Kosher and Halal Certified.

Amazing Benefits of Vision Smart Supreme®

  • Significant antioxidant power   
  • Anti-glycation ability
  • Relieve/prevent visual fatigue
  • Supports eye and vision health
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Support a good intestinal flora

Vision Smart Supreme® contains an active dose of blackcurrant polyphenols and anthocyanins so you can experience these effects for yourself!

What does Vision Smart Center do to ensure the quality of VSC products?

  1. Premium Quality of Raw Materials (Purity, Safety and potency)
    • Vision Smart Center uses the world's most reputable ingredients suppliers and GMP certified manufacturing facilities for all ingredients and VSC Products. Our Operation Team scientifically selects and uses only premium quality ingredients that go into VSC supplements. Those ingredients are strictly selected not from cost but only from purity, potency, scientific research data..
  2. Scientifically Supported
    • Vision Smart Center uses ingredients and dosages that accurately replicate the most successful results obtained in scientific studies for maximum efficacy. Our Research Team assesses quality published clinical research for each ingredient and their health benefits. Each ingredient is then carefully selected by formulation experts and research specialists for their synergistic effectiveness.
  3. Safely and Ethically Produced
    • Vision Smart Center is in strict compliance with GMP standard for manufacturing, packaging and storage. Our Production Team has strict ethical guidelines: Ingredients and products must comply with environmental policies, be sustainably produced, environmentally friendly, and not to take advantage of any people.
  4. VSC Product Guaranteed
    • Vision Smart Center strictly implement the additional third party testing to confirm and ensure that products meet VSC’s high standards for purity, safety and efficacy.

2. Instruction For Use

For optimal results, take two capsules per day after meals - one in the morning and one in the evening. This  will help ensure maximum absorption of all 210mg of blackcurrant anthocyanins.

3. The Three Main Reasons People Choose Vision Smart Supreme

  1. Premium Quality Ingredients
    • Vision Smart Supreme® is created exclusively from main component of Cassis Anthocyanins Extract using premium New Zealand blackcurrant berries that have the highest antioxidant capabilities in the world (ORAC values). The quality is proven time and time again through independent lab analyses.
  2. Exclusive Formula
    • Vision Smart Supreme® is manufactured with proprietary formulation technology to optimize eye health with the solution of Just the Berries solvent-free extraction methods, in GMP  approved facilities that meet the strictest international regulatory standards. This helps ensure the highest possible product quality and safety.
  3. Commitment to Excellence of Technology & Safety
    • Vision Smart Center and Just the Berries PD are committed to producing high quality, innovative, safe  and active food supplements that help keep families healthy. To achieve these goals, they take a comprehensive approach to product production involving careful selection of other suppliers of veggie capsules, dosages enforced by eye technologies and manufacturing facilities. We have been creating and selling blackcurrant based health supplements for over 13 years and currently enjoy a global reputation based on the excellent works we have been committed to.

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  • 買來試試看
    Kathy Lee
  • Product is fine- Expensive
    Been using this product for a few years now and honestly couldn\'t tell the differences, mostly for vision maintenance. The price is on the higher end, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative of antioxidants vision care product... this may not be for you. I will probably stay with this until I other premium blackcurrant supplement product is available.
  • is natural
    is natural
  • Body temperature
    Since taking the product, I feel my body temperature has changed. Especially my hands stay warn.
  • keen sok
    keen sok
    I was having blurring eyes and sometimes they get very watery and itchy. After taking this product for about half a year I felt different in my watery eye problem,cant wait to see the future result.
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Recommended use: Take 2 vegetable capsules per day or as directed by health care consultant.