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Vision Smart Center

Since 2006, the Vision Smart Center (VSC) has been focusing on the merchandising research and quality production of therapeutic supplements specialized mainly in visual and brain health, of which main components of powerful anthocyanin compositions of blackcurrant are not found in the anthocyanins contained in any other berries and fruits currently found in the world market.

“Just the Berry Group” has always engaged in ongoing research and production activities to meet customer’s requirements, we will continue to make efforts to improve the innovative portfolio of VSC dietary supplements, We will also strive to develop supplements that match our customers’ pursuit of health and beauty.

Dear valued customers
This time VSC’s website was revised newly At this special opportunity, I thank our customers who purchased our products and trusted us. We are willing to make every effort to fully understand the details in relation to our customers’ health and beauty so that we can help you and your family’s health and happiness through VSC products and services.

Chief Executive Officer  Kalina Nomura