• BTR Arts Ginza Clinic (Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology)

MD Masamitsu Ichihashi(President), Honorary Professor of Kobe University

Certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a specific regenerative medical institution for “the central nervous system treatment”, “the cerebrovascular disease treatment”, and “the gonarthrosis (knee osteoarthritis)treatment”.

My view on Beauty Sparkle

I am very execited about the effectiveness of Beauty Sparkle on women’s skin and also health and beauty. Our clinic also recommends this product for diabetic patients.


  • Sapho Clinic (Cosmetic Surgery)

MD Yukio Shirakabe (Chairman), Professor of Fukuoka University

Sapho Clinic gains the world reputation on their new cosmetic surgery for skin treatment fused by their traditional treatment practiced over 80 years and the latest plastic surgery technology. Sapho Clinic provides various treatments such as facelift and eyes treatments and also the entire body.

My view on Beauty Sparkle

Considering Beauty Sparkle made in the most appropriate beauty formula, we recommend this product for our patients after treatments.