Blackcurrant/ Anthocyanins & Us

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USA Corporate Office A nutraceutical expert in the eye, brain, intestinal flora, skin, anti-diabetic research, merchandizing and production of the Nutraceutical products for the proven history of 15 years. 100 % pure potent components extracted from NZ blackcurrants with proven tested formulations for VSC Products. The Premium Ingredients and High Innovative technology developed by VSC

What is New Zealand Blackcurrant

Grown in the clean, unpolluted nature with an intense ultra violet sun light. The highest content of powerful anthocyanins among all berries grown in the world. New King Berry of Superfruits!!! Blackcurrant is known as “King of Berries” Why has Blackcurrant (Cassis Berries) been ranked top as “King of Berries” among all other berries?  Blackcurrant