Blackcurrant/ Anthocyanins & Us

What Makes the New Zealand Blackcurrant Superior to Others?

Blackcurrants are a nutritional powerhouse, containing higher levels of minerals and vitamins than other so-called “superfruits” such as bilberries and blueberries.  They contain high levels of calcium, zink, magnesium, potassium and according to the New Zealand Blackcurrant Cooperative, New Zealand blackcurrants have 30 times more vitamin C than other berries.  What makes New Zealand blackcurrants

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Black Currant

You’ve probably heard of the many health benefits of different berries – from local wild harvested blueberries, to “superfood” acai berries, to antioxidant-rich goji berries. But today we’re going to explore a lesser-known berry that nevertheless packs a powerful punch for health and vitality: black currant. Known also as the cassis berry, black currants are