Why We Use Blackcurrant from New Zealand?

Why We Use Blackcurrant from New Zealand?

  • The most technologically developed country in the safe and pure cultivation.
  • The highest content of the potent Rutinoside Anthocyanins extracted from NZ Blackcurrants.
  • New King Berry of Superfruits!!

New Zealand is the best pristine environmental Islands for Growing the top quality of the Berries.

New Zealand is the ideal place from plant growth because of its natural, clean water source that is uncontaminated by modern byproducts of industry such as acid rain and pollution.  The Blackcurrant from New Zealand contains the highest levels and highest qualities of Anthocyanins. Every year, New Zealand Blackcurrant are harvested only once a year and produces about 12,000 tons of Blackcurrant.

New Zealand is the path breaker of Scientific and human research on Blackcurrant Health Benefits.

New Zealand Blackcurrant contains a high level of polyphenols, Vitamins A, C, B1 and B3, calcium, potassium, copper and other minerals.  Studies by New Zealand government, Scientific Institute of Plant Food, New Zealand Blackcurrant Association and Just the Berries also discovered that NZ blackcurrant contains high levels of antioxidants in Anthocyanins and polyphenols that serve to protect the human bodies not only from harmful free radicals but also physiologically work on many organs, such as eye, brain, heart, skin and intestines.

Vision Smart Center uses the most enriched cultivar of Blackcurrant Berries for its Supplements.

To ensure that our products are made from the highest qualities of Blackcurrant, Vision Smart Center sources its Blackcurrant from Just the Berries grown BenArd Blackcurrant.  Every year, the professional and seasoned farmers of Just the Berries grow and harvest approximately 1,000 tons of BenArd Blackcurrant for world consumption that is free from pesticides.

NZ blackcurrant ranks on the top of Anti-Oxidant ability level measured by ORAC

New Zealand  Blackcurrant cultivars  are subjects of intensive study because of its uniquely higher level of Anthocyanins among other varieties of Blackcurrants grown in Europe.  Even when compared to other recognized varieties in New Zealand such as BenRua and Magnus berries, BenArd Blackcurrant comparatively contains a higher amount of Anthocyanins.  Researchers have found that the Blackcurrants from New Zealand contains the highest ORAC values among other similar berries and fruits grown in the world .