Fight Cold, Flu and Asthma This Winter

Fight Cold, Flu and Asthma This Winter

Plus Feel and Look Healthier and Younger

Nobody likes being sick, especially during the holiday season meant to be spent with family and friends. Unfortunately, catching the cold or flu is sometimes unavoidable. With the seasons quickly changing and temperature outside plummeting, it can be difficult to stay at 100% and fully enjoy the winter months. Luckily, clinical research has revealed powerful health benefits from New Zealand Blackcurrant anthocyanins that can help!!

These scientifically validated compounds naturally initiate several key responses in the body that ensure you will be the best you can be during winter and get the most out of your holiday’s.

Stop Viruses Before They Stop You!

A recent study from the Asahikawa Medical College in Japan has made some astonishing discoveries; Blackcurrant extracts can inactivate and suppress the spread of different viruses including influenza! Specifically, these extracts could inactivate influenza A and B viruses by up 99.9%  by interfering with their mechanisms for cell attachment. Other ‘anti-microbial’ blackcurrant benefits include pro-biotic behavior and naturally boosting the immune system.

Factors such as these suggests Blackcurrants not only help fight viruses during infection, but may help us prevent catching them in the first place!

Breathe Easy with Blackcurrant Anthocyanins

Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways and lungs which reduces airflow. An attack or episode can occur in response a myriad of environmental responses including cold weather conditions. This makes Asthma a common problem during winter time.
Fortunately, researchers at The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research have found the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of blackcurrant anthocyanins may help with reducing severity and frequency of asthma attack.  Their lab based tests found the polyphenols found in blackcurrants prevented the secretion of pro-inflammatory compounds  found in lung tissue (CCL26), known to cause asthma.

Decreasing CCL26 secretion with increasing anthocyanin concentrations (ug/ml)

Fight the Effects of Ageing with Blackcurrants!

Sickness at this time of year also brings a less visible but potentially more dangerous threat – Free Radicals. These harmful compounds are the suggested cause for premature aging and many dangerous diseases (including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s).
Anti-oxidants are compounds that neutralize free radicals. Recent comparative analysis studies show Blackcurrants have the most (and best) antioxidants among many fruit. Additionally, Blackcurrant extracts promote healthy anti-inflammatory activity. This helps with inflammatory diseases (like arthritis and joint pain), plus helps maintain youthful skin-  keeping it calm and clear.

Comparative Analysis of Anti-oxidant Strength (ORAC values umol/g)

Improve Blood Circulation and Improve Your Life!

Blackcurrant anthocyanins indirectly help improve our body’s strength and resilience by stimulating improved circulation and blood flow. These effects are were best illustrated in a study using thermal imaging on hands. In this study, subjects were asked to have  thermal scans taken of their hands both before and after their hands were submerged in cold water. The results clearly showed those subjects that received blackcurrant extracts had improved blood circulation. These subjects had their hand  temperature return to significantly faster than those not receiving blackcurrant extracts. By improving blood circulation blackcurrant anthocyanins help provide nutrients to our bodies cells ensuring they operate at 100%. Plus, they help keep our skin nourished to maintain its youthful appearance longer!
Other related benefits from blackcurrants include the effective support cardiovascular health and weight management. Taken together, these amazing health effects not only greatly improve long-term well being and quality of life, but deliver immediate benefits to our health and appearance.

Thermal Imaging Results from Blood circulation Study

See and Think More Clearly This Winter!

The powerful effects of Blackcurrants can not only keep us healthy, they also help us operate at optimal performance while our bodies fight illness. In particular, the well documented eye and brain health benefits of blackcurrant anthocyanins make a large difference while dealing with illness. They contribute to clarity of vision and relieve visual fatigue (directly related to body tiredness). Plus, they help with foggy memory and difficulty thinking clearly.
Results below, taken from a study conducted at the New Zealand institute for Plant and Food Research, illustrate the benefits of taking New Zealand blackcurrants to prevent eye fatigue and the associated symptoms of tiredness on the rest of the body.

Vision Smart Supreme-
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Vision Smart Supreme, the flagship product from Vision Smart Center, contains the highest levels of blackcurrant anthocyanins among any supplement available! Its unique proprietary formula has been designed to deliver an active dose of blackcurrant anthocyanins, synergistically blended with several essential vitamins and Zinc. The result, a  comprehensive supplement supporting healthy eye condition and visual acuity based on years of clinical research!
Specifically, just one daily dose of this innovative product provides 220mg of potent blackcurrant anthocyanins with Vitamin A, B6, B12, Folic Acid and Zinc. All of which, are ingredients praised throughout the global medical community for their amazing health properties. These include:

  • Supporting Eye Health
  • Promoting Optimal Brain Function and Mental Acuity
  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Fighting Viruses Like Cold and Flu
  • Combating Dangerous Free Radicals and the Signs of Premature Aging
  • Improving Blood Circulation for Efficient Cellular Health and Activity
  • Contributing to Cardiovascular Health and Weight Management
  • Actively helping Men’s and Women’s Health
  • Regulating Correct Inflammatory Action

Each active ingredient is carefully manufactured and combined using state of the art production facilities that comply with the strictest international regulatory standards. This enables Vision Smart Center to deliver the highest quality, safest and most effective health supplements possible to help you fight the cold this winter and enjoy your holidays!