What is the best way to improve immune system to avoid flu and Corona virus?

Who is most risky people for corona virus?

  • People of all ages can be infected by the new coronavirus, but older people, and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus and tend to have less active gut microbiomes.

Is there any treatment for a novel coronavirus?

  • World Health Organization(WHO) clearly says that there is not specific medical treatment for disease caused by a novel coronavirus.

What do all the authorities recommend the first sanitary protective measure against a novel coronavirus should be?

  • Washing your hands 10 times a day with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands. And maintain social distance to stay away from droplets spread virus… That is quite important to stay away from the virus but everyone is now practicing those!!!

Who is most vulnerable to coronavirus?

What is the most important base steps to start to enhance immune system?

  • Any excising daily even for 30 minutes mobilizes white cells or immune cells to fight against any virus invading the body. Help to lower stressful feeling. Just moving around is better than nothing.
  • A good sleep strengthen your immune response to detect and destroy germs and virus.
  • Drinking alcohol lots is weaken the first line soldiers of macrophages and lymphocytes.
  • Eat well with a few kinds of fruits and vegetables , better not to have too much cakes and sweets
  • Taking vitamin C, D, Zinc to enhance natural defense mechanism.
  • Taking quality phytochemicals to combat virus by stimulating lymphocytes. 

Coronavirus induces a leaky gut syndrome?

  • Yes, coronavirus causes the inflammation of the intestinal linings. The broken membranes of the intestine allow bacteria and toxins to enter the bloodstream and lower the while cell activity. 

Why are blackcurrant anthocyanins so effective as immune system booster?

  • BCA has been studied by many research labs and universities for 15 years and it has been proven effective as one of the highest immune booster in relation toperipheral circulation disorder, increasing the blood flow,  asthma on human testing, neutrophils secretion , influenza human testing , etc .

 Do Blackcurrant anthocyanins support to fix leaky gut syndrome?

  • Blackcurrant anthocyanins(BCA) exhibited therapeutic potential for inflammatory bowel diseases
  • BCA kills bad bacteria and reduce G glucuronase enzyme which may cause colon cancer and Crohn’s disease.
  • Under swamps of mucus and microbes, our bodies are protected by epithelial cells which are really hard to get through. They make antiviral compounds that are quite hostile against coronavirus.”
  • Anthocyanins and probiotics inhibit colitis and improve intestinal barrier function by a number of interconnected mechanisms. These bioactive components modulate oxidative stress and inflammation directly in intestinal epithelial cells, but also modulate gut microbiota, affect activation of immune cells, and modulate cytokine activity.

 How do blackcurrant anthocyanins support to block from influenza virus?

  • Multiple studies show that blackcurrant anthocyanins taken orally can boost the mucosal defense warding off the harmful viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections like colds, asthma and flu. 

How much anthocyanin should be taken to enhance immune system of the first fighters of neutrophils and macrophage?

  • It is suggested to take 1.6mg/kg to enhance the production of the first fight of while cells, neutrophils which means about 100mg of anthocyanins per one time for 60kg weighted person.

Does blackcurrant anthocyanins support to function of neutrophils, macrophage and lymphocytes to combat coronavirus? 

  •  Blackcurrant anthocyanins works as anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antibacterial. It has its antiviral properties by blocking the inflammatory pathway called the NFkB pathway.

Does blackcurrant anthocyanins support to modulate the inflammatory effect caused by macrophage M1 activated by lipopolysaccharides?

  • Blackcurrant anthocyanins support to the first virus fighter, macrophage , to exert anti-inflammatory effects in the activation of macrophages to fight against coronal virus.

Why have JTB blackcurrant anthocyanins been made into throat lozenges and flu protecting supplements in the last more than 15 years?

  • According to studies of Fukushima Medical University and Asahikawa Medical University, anthocyanins Rich blackcurrant extract can inactivate more than 98% of the influenza A and B viruses that out-break prevalently every year. IN the USA the flu killed approximately 60,000 peoples and 45 million peoples infected in the year of 2018 and the US flu of the year 2019 killed more than 34,000 peoples and 34million peoples are infected.
  • Before a virus can penetrate a host cell, attachment is achieved when specific proteins on the viral envelope bind to specific receptor proteins on the cell membrane of the target cell.
  • This process is called “adsorption,” and according to Professors of Fukushima Medical University and Asahikawa Medical University, blackcurrant anthocyanins has a proactive component that covers the surface of the virus or virus receptor, which mechanism is thought to inhibit virus “adsorption”.
  • Repeated experiments were performed by those medical Universities on a variety of flu viruses with blackcurrant anthocyanins and those anthocyanins compositions are remarkably inhibiting more than 98% of “adsorption”, particularly for influenza A and B viruses. Although there is a difference between strong and weak in yearly altered virus RNA , similar effects have been confirmed for other viruses, and the inhibition of “adsorption”can be expected to be effective against a new type of influenza, a kind of new coronavirus that is already hurting the world economy as well as the social safety of the world.

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