The GLA, ALA and SDA content found in blackcurrant seed oil (BCSO) has powerful effects that can help reverse the signs and symptoms of aging. Most notably, it has been suggested BCSO can help prevent cognitive decline, promote hair and skin health plus promote energy production, heart health  and weight management!

Brain Performance and Health

SDA and ALA a key precursors for components critical within human brain chemistry, and key to the development of  and maintenance of regular brain function. Supplementation with these Fatty Acids, in addition to GLA, were examined by multiple studies reveling benefits such as: improved motor skills and memory, stress relief, reduced frequency and severity of migraine and assisting the development of children with learning disorders. Supplementation with Blackcurrant seed oil may also help prevent cognitive decline and serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Stronger, Fuller, Healthier Hair

Ceramides are compounds that contribute to healthy skins barriers, which is important for scalp condition. Because GLA is an important precursor to these compounds supplementation helps:  promote stronger, healthier hair, stimulate new hair growth and assist with conditions like dandruff.  Additionally, GLA is able to inhibit the modification of testosterones into Dihydrotestosterone, a change known to cause hair loss in men and women.
NOTE: Dr. Andrew Weil, celebrated nutritionist, believes blackcurrant oil can help lesson symptoms such as dryness, brittleness, thinning, or splitting.

Fat Burning, Blood Pumping Power

GLA supplementation supports cardiovascular health by improving healthy blood flow, lowering cholesterol and helping burn calories for energy.
GLA has been shown to inhibit platelet aggregation and/or adhesion which often lead to dangerous blood clot formation. GLA is also able to dilate blood vessels, which improves blood flow. Together these ensure nutrients are delivered throughout the body and efficiently mitigate many risk factors for heart attack and stroke.
GLA also has demonstrated metabolic boosting effects that help burn calories by activating brown adipose tissue (fat) and consuming ‘bad’ cholesterol, this can contribute to proper heart health and higher energy levels. GLA has also been shown to elevate the release of serotonin, a hormone contributing to the feeling of fullness, this effect may help reduce excessive eating and contribute to healthy weight management.
Japanese researchers identified in a study involving rats on a high fat diet, that supplementation with a GLA was able to reduce fat accumulation and lower cholesterol levels. In fact, they observed rats receiving GLA weighed over 5% less than those that did not plus, had over 18% lower levels of cholesterol. Evidence like this and others have helped convince TV personality Dr. Oz’s to name Blackcurrant seed oil one of his ‘Best Fat-Blasting Supplements’!