Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

Vascular Age

Have you ever thought about your “Vascular Age”? Generally the blood vessels become harder as we get older. “Vascular age” represents how many years old a vessel became hard. You are as old as your blood vessels which don’t equal to your birthday times. What is the “Vascular Power”? The “vascular power” means the force

Stress, Low Activity and an Un-healthy diet may lead to Pre-Diabetes

Pre-Diabetes: The Deadly Disease You May Already Have! Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes are dangerous health conditions that can  greatly affect quality of life!! Check the list below to see the types of health problems caused by these diseases! Dangerous Health Issues Caused by Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes! Retinopathy/Blindness Amputation Heart Disease Stroke/Dementia Dental Disease Poor Skin Health