Promoting Healthy Young Hearts and Circulation

Promoting Healthy Young Hearts and Circulation

The continual increasing rates of children with obesity and high cholesterol levels is concerning. Particularly as these are risk factors for very series cardiovascular diseases in both childhood and adulthood. Finding natural ways to help improve children’s heart and body health has become a top priority for many modern parents.
A number of powerful ingredients are now available for use as supplements that parents can utilize to help improve their kids quality of life. The ingredients include: Blackcurrant polyphenol extracts, Astaxanthin, Co-Enzyme Q10 and several essential vitamins and minerals.

The Blood Pumping Benefits of Blackcurrant and Astaxanthin

Both Blackcurrant polyphenol extracts and the super antioxidant Astaxanthin have been clinically shown to improve blood circulation and reduce Atherosclerosis (plaque buildup of cholesterol in arteries and  hardening of blood vessels).
Improved circulation helps ensures nutrients are efficiently delivered around the body to help young children grow to their full potential. While at the same time, reducing the chances for gradual plaque accumulation which helps prevent many dangerous cardiovascular conditions in adulthood (including blood clots, heart attack and stroke).

Diagram of Plaque Build-up in Arteries

In a study by Japanese ­­­­­­­researchers, subjects were administered blackcurrant extracts and had their hands placed in cold water for 1 min. Following this, thermal images of each subjects hands were taken to determine whether blackcurrant extracts could improve blood circulation and help subjects hands recover from the cold. The scientists found that within 10 minutes, the hands of subjects who had taken blackcurrant treatments had returned to normal, while those that had not remained cold beyond even 15 minutes.

Other studies , involving Astaxanthin, have indicated supplementation may decrease fat cell size. This can reduce risk of fat-oxidation, chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, three of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases.

Comparative Analysis of Fat Cell Size in Rats With and Without Treatment of Astaxanthin

Natural Energy Machinery – Co-Enzyme Q10

Co-Q10  is a natural component of mitochondria, the ‘power factories’ in human cells, here Co-Q10  performs key steps in normal energy production and relieving oxidative stress.
Many specialists believe that supplementation with Co-Q10  can help boost mitochondrial activity, improving energy levels and even reducing fat stores. This may benefit children by providing the energy they need to stay active longer and lower the risk of developing obesity.
Co-Q10 has also been shown to prevent the oxidation of  LDL cholesterol (the ‘bad’ cholesterol). This has significant cardiovascular implications as LDL cholesterol is known to form plaques in the arteries that build up over time leading to Atherosclerosis – a key risk factor in many dangerous cardiovascular diseases. By preventing the onset of these conditions early, children should be at lower risk of cardiovascular complications in adulthood.

In a collaborative study (between a German University, a Nutrition Institute and a Children’s Hospital), 53 healthy males were administered daily Co-Q10 supplements for two weeks. Researchers then assessed the impact of Co-Q10 on LDL cholesterol levels and found, on average, a  12.7 % reduction!

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin-E and Biotin provide important functions that can positively contribute to cardiovascular health. Vitamin-E may widen blood vessels which can improve blood circulation and prevent blockages. while biotin is important in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.