Strengthening Kids Gut Health

Strengthening Kids Gut Health

The protective benefits from ‘good’ bacteria in the gut along with the natural resistance of gut lining have sparked estimates that the gut is responsible for more than 60% of a child’s immune protection! This important fact, plus increased rates in conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and coeliac’s disease, makes gut health an increasingly important part of children’s health.

Blackcurrant Polyphenols

Blackcurrant polyphenols possess three powerful effects that contribute to good gut health and digestion in growing children:

  • Anti-pathogenic properties that help young bodies fight harmful bacteria in the gut
  • Pre-biotic effects to support the growth of good gut bacteria.
  • Gut strengthening effects improve gut barrier resistance to allergens and pathogens

Researchers from Just The Berries and Massy University, carried out a study comparing the pre-biotic effects of Blackcurrant extracts (BCE) versus the top pre-biotic treatment currently available – Inulin. They found that BCE were superior at both promoting the growth of helpful ‘good’ bacteria and, inhibiting the growth of harmful ‘bad’ bacteria.

Effect of Balckcurrant Extracts and Infused Dry Fruit on Growth of Good and Bad Gut Bacteria

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Biotin and Pantothenic Acid are able to help regulate normal digestion in the gut. They are important components of key enzymes involved in breaking down fats, carbohydrates and other substances. Vitamin-B6 is involved in over 100 enzyme reactions key to normal metabolism and therefore helps provide assistance to young gut systems.