Stress, Low Activity and an Un-healthy diet may lead to Pre-Diabetes

Stress, Low Activity and an Un-healthy diet may lead to Pre-Diabetes

Pre-Diabetes: The Deadly Disease You May Already Have!

Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes are dangerous health conditions that can  greatly affect quality of life!! Check the list below to see the types of health problems caused by these diseases!

Dangerous Health Issues Caused by Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes!

  1. Retinopathy/Blindness
  2. Amputation
  3. Heart Disease
  4. Stroke/Dementia
  5. Dental Disease
  6. Poor Skin Health


What is Pre-Diabetes?

Pre-diabetes is a dangerous condition where blood sugar levels are highly elevated (but are not obvious enough to be diagnosed as diabetes). It affects millions around the world (4 of every 10 Chinese and Americans over 40 years old!)
Sadly, it usually remains un-diagnosed (only ~7% of pre-diabetes is diagnosed) and it eventually irreversibly leads to full diabetes!!!

Fortunately, Vision Smart Center latest tool helps identify risks for developing pre-diabetes and diabetes. Using this tool, with the appropriate changes to lifestyle (a healthy diet rich in bio-active phytonutrients with regular exercise), you can reduce your risk of pre-diabetes and diabetes in just three months!!


How Can I Reduce My Risk?

The Incredible Health Benefits of Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Reducing the Risk of Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes!!

A Healthy diet with a good source of phytonutrients plus regular exercise is you best strategy to avoid Pre-diabetes and diabetes. Vision Smart Center offers high health supplements rich in blackcurrant anthocyanins (the most powerful phytonutrient in nature). Contact nutritional consultants at VSC now for more info or continue reading below to learn about the clinical evidence supporting blackcurrant anthocyanins ability to fight pre-diabetes. Blackcurrant Anthocyanins may help:

  • Improve blood glucose concentrations and insulin sensitivity (Key indicators of Pre-diabetes and Diabetes)
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels (Important for Heart Disease and Atherosclerosis)
  • Improve Blood Circulation (Important in Heart Attack and Stroke)
  • Combat risk factors for Diabetic Retinopathy (The leading cause of adult blindness)


Clinical Evidence: Blackcurrant Anthocyanins

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Support Health Blood Glucose Concentrations and Insulin Sensitivity

A recent pre-clinical study found the anthocyanins contained in Blackcurrants are able to lower blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity!

These two factors are critical risk factors for developing pre-diabetes and diabetes! These illustrate how VSC’s Vision Smart Supreme may aid in reducing the risk of developing these dangerous diseases (with regular exercise and a healthy diet)

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Help Regulates Cholesterol Levels
(Important in Heart Disease, Diabetes and Atherosclerosis)

Pre-clinical research has demonstrated the incredible effects of blackcurrant anthocyanins in reducing risk factors for heart disease and atherosclerosis!

Recently, European scientists showed blackcurrant anthocyanins successfully reduced the increase in bad cholesterol caused by an unhealthy diet! (see below) Additionally, blackcurrant anthocyanins improved good‘ HDL-cholesterol in healthy subjects by almost 16%!!

Cholesterol is an important risk factor associated with heart disease, Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes plus atherosclerosis. (atherosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries caused by bad cholesterol buildup). In fact, testing for cholesterol is the first test your doctor will recommend if they are concerned about your heart health and diabetes risk!

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Helps Improve Blood Circulation for Cardiovascular Support

Blackcurrant anthocyanins improve circulation throughout the body by relaxing the blood vessels. This amazing effect may help reduce risk for heart attack and stroke, commonly caused because of reduced blood circulation to the heart and brain .

In a clinical study utilizing thermo-imaging, researchers demonstrated Blackcurrant Anthocyanins were able to improved blood circulation. They found, subjects receiving blackcurrant anthocyanins, who placed their hands in ice water, had recovered hand temperature within 10 minutes. Compared with the control treatment group, who’s hands remained cold even after 15 minutes!

This exciting research suggests blackcurrant anthocyanins may be extremely useful in supporting cardiovascular health in ‘at risk’ patients (including those suffering from Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes).


The Unique Health Properties of Blackcurrant Anthocyanins May Help Prevent and Treat Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is the most common cause of blindness in American adults. About 40-45% of Americans with diagnosed diabetes will have some stage of this disease! It occurs when high blood sugar damages the blood vessels in the retina eventually leading to vision loss and blindness!

Fortunately, the protective effects of Blackcurrant Anthocynins can help. They not only help regulate healthy blood sugar levels (see above) but also help protect the blood vessels in the eye from inflammation and oxidative stress plus, they help improve blood circulation to the eye (helping with nutrient delivery and waste removal). (see here for more info on vision)

In a clinical study, scientists identified blackcurrant anthocyanins significant improved blood flow thru the optic nerve   This (and other vision research: see here) demonstrates the incredible health effects of blackcurrant anthocyanins, potentially helping prevent blindness through Diabetic Retinopathy!!


Where can you get these incredible health effects?

Vision Smart Center incorporates the exact same blackcurrant extracts used in many of these clinical and pre-clinical studies into their premium supplement Vision Smart Supreme!!